odin's glow

Photography by Robin Morley & Peter Atkinson

Odin’s Eye by Mere Mortals

Look into the archway, Odin’s eye peers out at the distant illuminated Roseberry Topping and surrounding landscape. See the kaleidoscope reflections of plant life forms and Nordic shapes with the eerie echo of sounds through his remaining good eye.

Valhalla's Tricycle by Jane Cuthbert

Odin’s female Valkyries sweeps through the battlefields to choose the slain and fallen Vikings and carry them back to the great hall of Valhalla to feast with Odin for evermore.

Sub Stop by Adept

The village bus stop each evening as darkness falls starts to dream of Captain Cook’s journeys, the fears of what the unknown vast Southern Seas may hold; the new and extraordinary creatures that he may glimpse beneath the sea.

Captain Cook’s Dreamt Vessels by Aether & Hemera

Shimmering magic vessels outlined with blue light envision the daydreams of the young James Cook; who would climb Roseberry Topping, looking out at the open sea from its peak and developing a love and fascination for the vast ocean and journeys yet to be made.

Hugin and Munin by Kathryn Wren and Maggs Hayden

A tree recalls Odin and his two raven birds on his shoulder as two rusting bands, the two elements of thought and memory with the waves and words of the history and landscape. Hugin and Munin fly each day, over the wide world, I fear for Hugin, that he may not return, though I worry more for Munin.

Captain Cook’s Return Journey by Dodgy Clutch Theatre Company

Returning through the village from his first journey to the distant Southern Seas, is the farm worker’s famous son who grew up on the slopes of Roseberry Topping near to Great Ayton. Captain James Cook navigates with his sextant and celestial orrery across the distant oceans of the globe - in search of far off lands and unknown cultures in the Pacific.

Distant Seas by Dodgy Clutch Theatre Company

Hidden away in the village, up a lane is the secret memory of another world and time, from across the Southern Seas peer back in time for a moment through James Cook’s eyes as he sees for the first time a new and strange place.

The Memory of Captain Cook by Dodgy Clutch Theatre Company

A distant memory lingers of a farm son who travelled so far, saw so much and finally never returned. His image appears for a moment shaped by the lights and long forgotten coal cargo from his first discovery ship the HMS Bark Endeavour.

Odin’s Memories by young adults and children from Redcar and Cleveland including: Ings Farm Primary and Rye Hills Secondary School, Galley Hill School, St Bede’s Primary School, Roseberry Primary School and Badger Hill Primary School.

Discover behind the Kings Head Hotel and Restaurant some memories of Odin’s past legends, a Black Raven sits awaiting the next battle, The Wishing Well and Pool, where he gave his left eye for knowledge, the lantern lights surround Giant Odin and his wife Freya, Odin’s ship is waiting for the next voyage and a Crow sits dreaming of the Vikings return.

Symphony of Ravens by Sean Burn

Visit Newton Lane leading towards Newton Wood and Roseberry Topping and discover a poet with eight poems from now until childhood. He tells of walks on the Topping and the layers of memory, myth and history both human and natural that will be woven into the landscape through poetry.

Roseberry Topping Illumination by Filament

The iconic peak on the edge of the North York Moors looks down on the Tees Valley. For just a few evenings of Odin’s Glow the Topping appears out of the night and reveals again its majestic shapes and moods out of the darkness into light, only to return to darkness again.