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Specially-commissioned artworks celebrating stories and themes of wintertime provided a memorable and seasonal walk in Saltwell Park for all the family.

" a seductive mix of eerie fairy tale, lights and sound as we followed a route around the illuminated park.....a hugely entertaining evening" Barbara Hodgson: The Journal

Winner: The Best Tyneside Event 2008
The Journal Culture Awards

The Curiosity Box

Ross Ashton
In which the bandstand becomes an ice house, becomes a mythical world, becomes a world which seems to have You inside it...

The Ballroom
Imogen Cloet
Hidden in the park, through a very strange shed, the domain of a rather garrulous park keeper, lies a magical ballroom created from nature itself.

Heather Deedman
As you wrap up warm before going out on a cold winter day, have you ever asked ‘how and why might you keep a tree warm in the winter?’

Ice, Water, Fire
Dodgy Clutch
In which the story of the Ice Queen’s melting heart fills the Dene with images of fire and ice.

Not Quite Dead
Shanaz Gulzar & Steve Manthorp
A video installation created with help from year 6 pupils at Carr Hill Community Primary. Is that really a ghost? If he’s not sure, are you?

All My Love
Karen Monid
Sit and be absorbed by stories of lost love, true love, unrequited love whispered gently to you in the traditional lovers’ setting of The Rose Garden.

Name (Nikolas Barrera and Andrew Nixon)
Look closely under the Loggia and you will see a little girl sitting on the floor reading poetry aloud. Look closer still…

Snow Globe
Periplum (Claire Rafferty)
This mysterious sphere contains the twisted fairytale landscape of a lonely wanderer. Surrounding the sphere are small half globes revealing secret histories of Saltwell Towers.

Strange Places
Verity Quinn and Molly Barrett
Who is that little old lady, is that really just a blanket she’s weaving, and is that snow she’s shaking from it?

Roses Halo
Aether & Hemera
A beautiful and enchanted garden, glowing with life and colour despite the winter cold.

Little Red Riding Hood
Paschale Straiton & Pickled Image
Unfolding around you, glimpsed in the most unexpected places, is a playful re-telling of the fairy tale.

The End Of The Rainbow Is Nigh
Sharon Wilson
We would all like to find the end of the rainbow wouldn’t we? Or does that mean the end of our dreams? Which way do you want to look at it?

Also featuring:
Wish Trees for Gateshead

Yoko Ono
In partnership with BALTIC and the exhibition YOKO ONO BETWEEN THE SKY AND MY HEAD. Visitors are invited to express their hopes and dreams by writing wishes on paper and hanging them on one of the trees. Wishes from Wish Trees for Gateshead will be gathered at the end of the exhibition and sent to the IMAGINE PEACE TOWER in Videy Island, off the coast of Reykjavik in Iceland, to join other wishes from hundreds of thousands of people from around the world. A number of other external artworks by Yoko Ono will be presented as part of the Winter Festival.

Enchanted Parks 08 was presented by culture 10 in partnership with Gateshead Council as part of the Newcastle-Gateshead Winter Festival 08.


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Stella Hall, creative director of culture10

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