live installation

Over two weekends artistic director Geraldine Pilgrim, transformed Newcastle’s Leazes Park and Saltwell Park in Gateshead. The audience were taken on a journey where, inspired by the history and dreamlike memories of these familiar spaces, the parks came alive at night with evocative and haunting images. Ice skaters and tea dancers, candlelit choirs and sleeping gardeners combined with evocative lighting and sound installations to transport the audience into a mesmirising world.

Geraldine Pilgrim and her team were inspired by "the quiet beauty which pervades the parks at night, when nature seems to take over again and the sleeping parks begin to dream."

The events were both ticketed and were sold out long before opening although an increase in capacity was subsequently agreed and a substantial 'walk-up' audience was also accommodated.

Encharted Parks quote

Lyn Gardner, The Guardian Guide